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About Us

Welcome to our global spiritual community. 

Rama Meditation Society supports an organic fellowship of individuals interested in enlightenment through the path of meditation as taught by Rama. Anyone who is inspired by Rama’s teachings is welcome as a member of our sangha, our community of spiritual seekers.

We learn and grow through sharing insights, talents and time with one another.  Listen to talks, read books, download music, join forums, learn to meditate, attend retreats, watch a film, chat with others through threaded discussions, review our blogs, write a blog!  Tell us what inspires you. Let us share with you what we have learned.

Unity means strength through oneness. United we stand, divided we’re in big trouble. There aren’t that many evolved people on the earth. We’ve got to stick together.  That’s why in the I Ching, the book that is about unity and diversity, we’re told to join an organic fellowship of beings, to join together with others who seek unity.  -- Rama, Unity

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