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Purity and Humility


Sometimes on the spiritual path we become too serious, too egotistical, or too dogmatic in our way of living.  We don't have fun anymore.  Spiritual balance is the antidote for this.  

Rama points out that "the way to achieve spiritual balance is without trying."  According to Rama, "Spiritual balance occurs largely through being yourself."  Yet he reminds us that "to be yourself is a most difficult process for most persons because they really have no idea who or what they are."  

Rama urges us to step outside of linear time for spiritual balance.  "Spiritual balance cannot really occur in the world of time without an understanding of timelessness."  It is this illusion of being a separate, striving individual that creates spiritual imbalance.  In this task it suggested that we cultivate humility and purity to gain spiritual balance.  “Humility and purity are my favorite fulcrums for balance,” Rama eloquently states.  He encourages us to be less egotistical about ourselves since "Ego is the fulcrum of spiritual imbalance.  Humility is its opposite."  This is art of spiritual balance, as taught by Rama, the dialectic between egotism and humility and we "dance between the two in life."

Talk 2 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series.