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Rama Birthday Celebration & Unity Event 2018

Sunday, November 12, 2017

(by Rama sangha celebration organizers)  Join us in a wonderful unity and collaboration event to celebrate Rama’s Birthday 2018 and honor the 20-year anniversary

Dear ST2 & ST1 members of Rama's Sangha,

As you know, in 2018 it will be 20 years since Rama left the body.  So much time has passed and we, a heartfelt alliance of ST2s and ST1s, feel it is time we gathered as a unified sangha. ST1s and ST2s are the direct lineage holders of Rama’s teachings. Soon, none of us will be in the body to share our amazing journey.  We have so much to gain by collaborating and learning from each other. In the spirit of unity, we are planning an outrageous 2018 Rama’s Birthday Unity celebration and you are invited to participate, meditate, share, get updated on cool happenings, network, and dance in the light with your Sangha sisters and brothers.

When:  Thursday, February 8 – Sunday, February 11

Where: Borrego Springs, Anza Borrego Desert

Why: To come together, to meditate, to reconnect, to dance, to visit our special places of power, to learn, to share, to sing, to laugh, to celebrate our teacher and the teachings, to network, to provide opportunities to each other in teaching, career, investing, and evolving, and to unify our sangha

Who:  ST1 and ST2 Rama students.  Teachers are welcome to bring their students.

Love is the strongest power in the universe. Love is unity. There are two forces at play in the universe, unity and diversity.  Unity is enlightenment, diversity is illusion or maya, ignorance.”  ~ Rama

High level Schedule:

Thursday:  Reception Dinner and networking, Open Mic for Welcome Speeches, Karaoke

Friday – a journey to the desert, starting at 12:30 pm; dinner in town

Saturday – a day of learning from each other’s successes and best practices, a birthday celebration and concert by Bodhi in the evening, and DANCING

Sunday – formulate our action plans as a unified sangha

Please RSVP BEFORE December 14th as we need to get a headcount and not lose our deposit! Let us know if you will plan on being part of this joyful lineage celebration to honor Rama. 

Also, let us know if you want to present something of interest to your sangha so we can add you to the agenda!

Cost is $250 per person, not including your transportation and hotel. A deposit is required before December 14th to hold your reservation! Please feel free to forward to any other direct students of Rama!

To RSVP or for more details, please contact the event organizers at rama20thanniversary@yahoo.com


Rama sangha celebration organizers/collaborators include American Buddhist Rebel, The Dharma Center, Integrated Meditation Studies, Living Buddha Press, Rama Meditation Society, S.F. Awakened Mind, Women Own Your Power! Coaching

The Tribe unites, it joins.  And as the tribe moves into a higher level of attention, there’s less internal disagreement within the tribe.  The tribe and the leader of the tribe [Rama] are not separate, they’re one.  The members of the tribe get along.  There’s no jealousy.  There’s no fear.  There’s a common purpose that unites them.”  -- Electronic Tribe