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Lakshmi series

(Mystic Buddha) Now available: The Lakshmi Series by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

After many months and countless hours, we are finally able to bring you a brand new version of The Lakshmi Series by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz.

The Lakshmi Series is a set of teachings that comprise a comprehensive foundation for self-discovery. To assist the spiritual progress of his students, Rama created this series, which covers a wide variety of topics including meditation, the four principal Hindu yogas, the Buddhist paramitas of purity and humility, spiritual absorption, nirvana, the subtle physical body, spiritual teachers, dreaming, tantric mysticism, and many more.

These teachings reflect Rama’s wide range of knowledge of spiritual traditions, and while he later began to focus on Buddhist teachings, particularly Zen Buddhism and Tantric Buddhism, he often referred to his early teachings as “the basics which everyone should know.”

Rama saw how difficult it was for Westerners to learn meditation and self-discovery in the twenty-first century due to the breadth of knowledge available, and the fact that many of the classical textbooks were written hundreds or thousands of years ago in Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, or Tibetan.

In The Lakshmi Series, Rama touches upon all these teachings and restructures them, breathing life into the classics while bringing them into the here and now. “My interest is the essence of these teachings,” he stated, “not so much what’s happened with them historically or the books that have been written about them, detailing them, or the descriptions of people who have had experiences in the monasteries or experiences living a more secular life. Rather, my interest is the essence of the teaching – the Way, as it were.”

Thus, in The Lakshmi Series, Rama brings forth these ancient teachings and aligns them with the modern world to succinctly present their essence – the path of modem self-discovery.

The New Edition

The new edition features a brand new cover, beautiful interior artwork designed by Rama students, and an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom from Rama’s written words.

The Lakshmi Series is available as an Amazon Kindle book for only 99 cents or free to Amazon Prime members. This is our way of sharing Rama’s teachings with the world at a very affordable price.

The paperback version has a retail price of 29.95, as compared to the first edition, which sold for 25. We had to increase the price due to printing costs. The book is 506 pages long – twice the size of your average paperback. However, Barnes & Noble had the book on sale yesterday, and we hope Amazon will put it on sale as well. We hope you truly enjoy this new version of this ageless classic.

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