How does a Rama Birthday Celebration Differ from a High School Reunion?

(by Chinjandra)

Rama in Silk Robe

It might appear that a birthday celebration for our teacher Rama in 2013 looks similar to past celebrations. Are we walking through the same door?  Are we living in the past? Are we attending a high school reunion?

From an advanced Buddhist perspective: How can we be together again, when we are new at every moment?  The only impediment to realizing this are limited states of mind – the way we view ourselves and others.  How does advanced Buddhism help us to perceive ourselves, others, and our moments correctly?

Yoga of Love:  When we look at each other through eyes of love – love for our teacher, love for our teacher’s students, love for this world, and this unique moment (which has never been and will never be again) – we won’t see through eyes of limitation. We will see each other as a unique flux of infinite consciousness.  We will realize that the divine we seek is within each of us and we will rejoice and revel in the God we see in each other.  We will also realize that there is no death and we will rejoice in the living presence of our teacher who is always with us.

Yoga of Selfless Giving:  When we are present to be of service to others, we will look at each other through the eyes of service.  What can I share with a member of my sangha that can assist them on their path?  Who can I bring with me that will enjoy this evening?   How can I listen deeply to what eternity – through the unique being of light I am speaking to – is telling me?  How can I help – coming early to set up, working on pre-planning, participating in the talent show, telling a story, contributing more financially to support others to attend, or helping cover costs of fun birthday extras? 

Yoga of Discrimination:  When I discriminate and look deeply I will perceive that there is no past and no future. There is only this moment, shining forever.  I will see that there is nothing but the Self, shining through the eyes of all that I spend time with.  It is easier to see this when I am with my sangha – all beings of light reaching toward the one true light.

Yoga of Mysticism: The designs of power draw us together.  Power makes us what we are – luminous perceivers.  When we are together we have the opportunity to witness with awe and wonder.  We can prepare for the time we will be together with impeccability.  We can face our fears and limitations like warriors. We can laugh and be funny like Don Juan and Don Genaro.  We can realize that death is stalking us and we can bring everything that we are to our moments together.

Buddhist Meditation:   Whether we are talking or eating or listening to music or dancing – we are meditating.  At every moment we are being mindful – staying in the moment. Reaching for stillness. At the moment, there is no past, no future, no limitation of the self.  We can stop thought and the world as we know it will dissolve.  When we return to the awareness of this world, we will be changed forever.