Maui Retreat – Success through Meditation (March 2020)

(by Shakti)  It’s been 35 years since my first visit to Maui. It was the first of many once-in-a-lifetime adventures with Rama.  Not only was I blown away by the beauty of this heavenly place, Rama showed me how to connect with the wonder and majesty of other universes, the land of Maui, nature and the sea in Hawaii. It’s one thing to go to places of power on your own, to explore and come to understand, in whatever way we can, the culture of another place. But to be shown how to tune in to the energies and the power of some locations in our world by an Enlightened being, is indescribable.  I experienced unparalleled joy, fun, beauty and bliss on the island of Maui. It’s the reason we love taking other like-minded people on a journey into the
ease and healing energy of meditating on this island.  We, the Success Through Meditation team, are heading there again, for our “Empower Your Spirit Meditation and Yoga Retreat”fromMarch 7 to March 10, 2020. We designed this Retreat to help reinvigorate and inspire you as you step away from daily life, and breathe in the timeless teachings. Click the link below for all the details: 

Empower Your Spirit Maui Meditation and Yoga Retreat

I’m very excited to announce, this is the lowest priced Maui Retreat we’ve ever held. So I invite you to take advantage of this amazing offer. We all look forward to seeing you in Maui, Hawaii, this March, as you empower your spirit!  Mahalo.