RMS Book Club – 2020 Schedule

(by The RMS Book Club) In the spirit of kaizen for the new century, we are implementing an innovative approach for the book selection and reading in 2020.  Instead of using our traditional paradigm of seasonal themes – Jnana, Mysticism, Karma, Bhakti – we want to experiment with a rotation through 3 different categories of writings, in sequence.  Emphasis is on Rama’s personal writing and personally selected books including those not available while he was living.

The books included below are books requested for the 2020 reading year.  The sequence would start in January with a book by Rama, a contemporary book in February, a classical text in March, and then start the cycle again; Rama’s book, contemporary spiritual or business book, classical spiritual book, repeating until year’s end.  

Book Categories for 2020, which will be rotated during the year: 

1) Rama’s Writings

2) Business and Modern Spiritual Books 

 3) Classical spiritual texts from the major traditions of India, China, Japan, Tibet, etc. 

We hope you will join some or all of these calls, scheduled for the last Saturday of each month at 2 Pacific/5 Eastern.  E-Mail us for dial-in information at  rms_bookclub@yahoo.com