Road Trip – Rama Birthday

(by Lakshmi) My husband and I took a road trip the first week of February 2016.  Our furthest point north was Tiburon, California where I attended the Rama Birthday Celebration.  The venue was on the wharf facing blue waters, clear skies, and San Francisco’s skyline.  

Rama Meditation Society (RMS) created a beautiful event for Rama students to come together in appreciation and celebration of our teacher!  The whole event, from the sunny day to the fireworks across the bay, was a celebration!  

Then there was the karaoke!  I was not looking forward to standing with a microphone in my hand, singing to the chagrin of a captive audience. I promised I would sing a song, and I did. I even sang (using the term loosely) two songs.  

We have learned to use all of life’s experiences as grist for the mill of our awakening.  Facing fear is one more step towards the full light.  So thanks RMS for creating a pristine event that offered another light step.  Look out world, singing in public is no longer my problem, but it may be yours!

Thanks for bringing our tribe together for a wonderful evening of high energy, and for the ‘real’ music of the night offered by Bodhi and Alan!

Namaste, Lakshmi

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