The Art of Meditation – A TEDx Talk

(by Mila Diamond) Since the day I started teaching Meditation & Success workshops over 20 years ago in Soho, New York, I had a dream of reaching people in remote parts of the U.S. and the world, the places where there was no easy access to meditation teachers. I have had the good fortune to study with Rama, a fully enlightened teacher, for 15 years, but most people haven’t have an opportunity like this.

I am also a self-admitted TEDx junkie!  For years, I had a dream to speak from a TEDx platform, especially about meditation and how meeting Rama turned my life around. Well, last year I got nominated and invited to speak at a TEDx conference. On meditation. My dream came true.

There have been a number of TED talks on meditation, and since TED/TEDx is a platform for NEW ideas worth spreading, I crafted my talk to take the audience into meditation from a different angle, perhaps further than most TED talks on meditation, by introducing a concept of stopping thought – a concept rarely brought up outside of advanced and esoteric meditation circles.

My own personal story of meeting Rama, as well as a featured story of my client, demonstrate how meditation can play a role in recovery from traumatic childhood, depression and PTSD. 

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Mila Diamond