A Song with Eternity

Guitar Hero

(by Hathor)

Music notes begin to play.

Fingers strum an electric guitar,

As another bows the strings on a violin

Each cadence finding the other,

Meeting in Union,

As the music swirls within me,

I listen and hear the space between the stars,

As I focus,

I see the brilliant blackness of outer space,

As the notes echo off my body,

I hear nothing,

And sit at the heart of the Universe,

Everything Still,

Yet all the galaxies moving in perfection,

Black as night,

Yet soothingly calm,

Nothing to see,

Yet all the brilliance of star light,

All of this,

To remember,

Who we are,

And in our rememberng,


Note: Hathor is a teacher of meditation and self discovery.  For more information about her, please see www.mayfrog.com