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Fusion Meditation Videos

Fusion Meditation is a series of videos from Integrated Meditation Studies. These videos combine the words of Rama, meditation music by Zazen and photographs of nature. They are about 10 to 25 minutes in length each.  Enjoy! 

“Tantric Buddhism with Rama” features Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz in a multi-faceted presentation of his teachings on Tantric Buddhism for the West. With dramatic backgrounds of the Himalayas, Buddhist stupas and art, Rama guides the viewer through a range of topics, from meditation, reincarnation and enlightenment to living and working in the modern world….

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Career Success

“A Buddhist monastery has a certain chemistry. There’s a certain laughter, a certain excitement, a certain brightness, and ebullience, and it’s hard to capture that here (in the West). I think that same brightness here is captured in another way, and that’s by living and working in the world.”  Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Career…

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Zen Tapes Book

In 1986, as Rama – Dr. Frederick P. Lenz prepared for a major public lecture series, he sought to present a path to enlightenment that would be most understandable to the largest group of people. He selected Zen as most relevant to his current and future students and called his teachings “Tantric Zen.” The book…

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The Enlightenment Cycle

The Enlightenment Cycle talks, recorded by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz in 1992, are must-have coursework for students of American Buddhism. This book of twelve transcribed talks is a summation, a compressing of knowledge that contains a vast body of information. While each talk covers many subjects, within each discourse is a potent kernel of…

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Awareness of Meditation

“Meditation is the science of stopping thought.  When there is no thought, there is only pure mind – which is ecstasy.  Meditation is perfect, qualityless, clear light perceiving itself as such.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz Awaremess of Meditation is talk 13 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series. © ℗ 1990, The Frederick P. Lenz…

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Tantric Buddhism

This is a book of 27 transcripts recorded by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz from 1989 to 1990. In these diverse talks, Rama draws from classical Tibetan Buddhism and numerous aspects of American culture to create a current version of Tantric Buddhism that is as solidly grounded in ancient practice as it is fully engaged…