The Gorge

(by Yuleen G.)  We drove to the Anza Borrego desert with much anticipation.  I had done quite a bit of hiking over the last couple of months to get in shape for the soft sand so I was eager to test my muscles.  I remembered the energy I felt from my trip two years ago, and I was hoping for a repeat experience.   I took my hiking sticks with all my other paraphernalia and began walking.  Gradually everyone passed me and there was a small group behind me.  I like to hike in silence and feel myself being absorbed into the rocks so I walked alone.  

We arrived at the first meditation spot with all the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes flying by and tried to meditate.  Eventually, I gave up and did some gazing and just enjoyed the feel of the desert and my thoughts dwelled on the guardians of the gorge. 

We then hiked deeper into the gorge to another meditation spot.  I immediately felt that I had more strength and stamina and zoomed to the next spot.   Once again I focused on gazing and the feeling of absorption and enjoying the stillness.  

We turned around to exit the gorge and I was excited to feel that wild energy pushing me out of the gorge.  I raced out of there.  I was happy.