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Dimensions of Light and Power

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

(by Chinjandra) 18 of us traveled to Northeastern Arizona for a Summer Solstice Meditation Retreat at Canyon de Chelly. We enjoyed each other's company, our private tour of the Canyon and its wonders, meditations both in the Canyon and on the rim, meals in local restaurants, great conversations, laughter and stillness. It was a special, transformative trip.


About half the trip participants were ST3s - students of Rama's teachings on meditation and enlightenment who never met Rama while he was in the body. Their participation is evidence that with the efforts of great teachers who studied with Rama, seekers are finding pathways to enlightenment even in this dark age. Their enthusiasm and passion inspired all of us.


On Sunday morning we gathered for a final meditation on the South Rim Drive near Spider Rock. The energy was exquisite, the view was breathtaking, the silence was palpable. After about an hour of meditation, we formed a circle of power. We shared our thoughts, feelings and gratitude to our teacher, our mentors, our sangha, each other, the Canyon, the beings who guard the ancient places of power and light and to eternity.


I observed that one of Rama's critical missions during this lifetime was to help keep the dimensions of light and power open. These places can support seekers on the path to see new directions, to grow and change, to experience new awarenesses, to enjoy deeper silence in meditation. We were privileged to witness, and to be impacted by, the open dimensions of light and power at Canyon de Chelly. We are so fortunate that Rama guided us to these ancient places where the dimensions touch.


It was a beautiful summer solstice.

Jai Rama.  


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Something special happens when a group gathers at a place of power at a time of power (summer solstice) with the same purpose of going beyond ourselves to expand awareness.  Canyon de Chelly trip was a mystical, magical, beyond this world experience.  The gathering at Canyon de Chelly taught me the beauty of being apart of a larger Sanga, the Rama Meditation Society. 

The interpretation of the literal translation of Canyon de Chelly means “inside the rock”.  Inside the sandstone rock walls at Canyon de Chelly, solitude, peace, ecstasy, and heavenly worlds were felt.  As we explored the cliff dwellings and petroglyphs with our tour guides, one could feel the history of the canyon and the pride of the Navajo people.  It felt as if time stood still.  There was no past, present, or future.  Rather, time seemed to simultaneously exist in the canyon rock. 

As our guides drove us further into the canyon, I felt my spirit become light and free.  Later, as we stopped and began to walk next to a thousand foot sheer sandstone rock wall with various shades of reddish hues, I could not help but feel how insignificant I was compared to the totality of existence.  The sheer size of the sandstone walls in the canyon coupled with the pristine silence transported our minds into other dimensions.  As we walked into Spring Canyon, which was our final meditation spot, and saw the sunlight shining down on three majestic horses that were roaming free, I was simply overwhelmed with the inner and outer beauty of the moment. 

As we meditated beneath ancient petroglyphs, I was struck by the beauty and silence of the canyon.  My soul was rejoicing in pure ecstasy and happiness as we meditated.  Going beyond myself to feel other dimensions of light.  I felt a purity of happiness, a calming sense of peace, and a radiance that filled my being with an energy of joy and euphoria.  Coming out of the meditation, I began to realize my entire right leg was asleep, but I had not noticed it during the meditation.  It was difficult to leave a place of such beauty and power.    

Later that evening, we visited the upper rim for an evening meditation.  I was delighted to find a nice sandstone rock to sit on facing the setting sun.  After such a beautiful day, it seemed so easy to go into deeper and more relaxed states of meditation.  At one point during the evening meditation, I physically felt my soul, consisting of my heart and head, peacefully lift up beyond my body.  In this higher state of mind, I felt a sense of serenity, bliss, and elation beyond this world.  I am forever grateful to the carrier beings and protectors of Canyon de Chelly who keep these other dimensions open to us.