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Compassion by Rama

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Lisa Dee
Compassion by Rama

So what one develops is Compassion.  Compassion allows us to accept everything. That is why there is always a tear in the eye of the Buddha that no one sees – for the pain and suffering of others.  Because without a requisite knowledge of that pain and suffering, you are mortal.   You only become immortal when you feel the suffering of others, and are one with it; as you feel the joy of others and are one with it; and yet step beyond both into immortality itself and dissolve in Eternity.

And yet that tear remains even after Enlightenment, even though it is invisible. It is only visible to those who know.  And there is no way to will that – it will come when it will – through the grace of God.

And therefore to be so absurd – or knowledgeable, or even as a teacher, autocratic – to assume anything at almost anytime seems to me – to forget that there is a tear in the eye of the Buddha – and that we are all the Buddha, and we all have that tear, but we don’t see it because we are so – caught up in the illusion of Self Realization that we forget that our Self Realization and our Enlightenment is of little importance, that what matters is the Welfare of Others.  And when you forget that, you forget what matters – and only when you remember that will Enlightenment occur.

When you become totally concerned with the Welfare of Others – without any sense of self-importance – it is only with that complete commitment and simplicity and humility and humor – that is engendered by taking on the impossible task of Selfless Giving and doing it anyway – perfectly – without any sense of self – that real progress begins to occur. That is the preparation for the higher Enlightenment. 

It is a Noble Endeavor.  Rama

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