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Everyday is a Good Day

Sunday, April 7, 2013

(by Garuda) I was meditating this morning going through the ups and downs of life, and suddenly, looking at Rama's poster, I realized that everyday has been a good day since I became his student. Ever since that day, I have been connected to the network of enlightenment. More importantly, I have been formally accepted as a student of a fully enlightened teacher.


Life is a series of dramas, composed of good and bad experiences. Yet once someone is accepted as a student of an enlightened teacher, everyday can be said to be a good day. When Rama, or any enlightened being, decides to work with a student they connect with them on many levels. Rama once said that the rad rate, the radiance and light of an enlightened teacher, is immeasurable. It will positively affect a student for many, many lifetimes.


Even though Rama is no longer in the body, everyday is definitely a good day for his students. Rama is actually closer to you than you are to yourself! Let me explain. We have a physical body and that is how we usually measure closeness -- it's spatial. Behind the physical form is our aura, the subtle physical body. If we go beyond our auric body, we come to our essence, our soul, our multi-life casual body, which Rama has described as a matrix of light. If you meditate very deeply, you can actually touch the casual planes, the place where your soul resides. Here you will be immersed in a light and love beyond description. This is your true self, your soul -- it is in these spaces you will find Rama very, very close to what is really you.


Everyday is a good day for a student of Rama. Not only are we connected to Rama, but through his association we are connected to the network of enlightenment. The Buddha described this network as consisting of innumerable Buddha Fields, worlds where enlightened beings like Rama radiate the infinite light. Because Rama has accepted us as students and merged his very essence with our light, we are connected to this network that Rama is a part of. We can access it at anytime, and are members in (hopefully) good standing, simply because Rama is our teacher.


Even if you never met Rama in the physical, but are now studying with him, everyday is a good day. You are like the first students to study Buddhism after the Buddha passed away. The transmission is almost perfect and, unlike the Buddha's lineage, you have access to books, audio and video composed by Rama himself. He left us direct empowerments, recorded explicitly for future generations.


So even if I am having a lousy day, everyday since I became a student of Rama is a good day. He is closer to me than I am to myself, connected to my deepest casual core of light. He has adjusted my casual structure, thus changing my karmas for thousands of lifetimes. At the moment of death, I will realize this closeness and take that metaphorical Porsche ride into infinity. Yes, everyday will be a good day in the future too -- I can see this clearly now.