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Buddhist Enlightenment


Buddhism involves bringing your mind into clearer and clearer states. We completely purify the mind and then we go beyond all states of mind. When there is no self and therefore no one to perceive states of mind, there is only enlightenment.

Buddhist Enlightenment is talk 20 of 27 in the Tantric Buddhism series.

© ℗ 1990, The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.

More Detailed Explanation:

It is said that Bodhidharma brought Buddhism to China from India - however, Buddhism has always existed. Buddhism is a system of how things are structured in the Universe and inside your mind. The idea of Buddhism is that mind is forever, and there are endless states of mind. We are always experiencing states of mind - there are only states of mind. Some states of mind are great, some painful. Most people don't have clarity, everything looks cloudy, and they live in cloudy states of mind.

If our state of mind is cloudy - we can miss a great deal. Enlightenment is when your mind, your perception of life - is clear - your vision is free from vanity, fear, emotions, desires, petty irritations, etc. When your mind is free from obstructions - we exist in "a kind of Paradise." Buddhism is about clearing our inner vision. The illusion of Self is one of the primary obstacles to clear seeing and Enlightenment.

When we meditate and have no thought in the mind, the Self falls away. The more we stop thought, the more energy is released and that energy purifies the mind. Any movement towards stilling the mind, and focusing on brighter states of mind, connects us with, "...the Aura of Enlightenment. The Aura of Enlightenment is endless light."

When there is no Self - that is when there is no more personality as well as unenlightened, cloudy states of mind. "There is only Enlightenment - everything else is a dream." Dreams seem real - they are very convincing - however, they pass. To become Enlightened we have to move through the dreams until the dreams lose their realness. "And we do it by focusing our attention completely on things that are pure - on states of mind that are pure. If you want to get someplace, you have to look and see where it is you want to go - and then you keep that viewpoint and you proceed in that direction and you get there." The experiences we have on the way are called "The Journey", and wherever the experiences take place is called "The Path".

"If you want to become Enlightened...you have to unhook from anything that's impure and focus only on things that are completely pure and perfect all the time...we do it a little at the beginning, and then more and then more, and then eventually, it consumes us - literally - until there's no self - there's only light."