Neutral Density (Continental Divide)

“The universe is actually alive.  It is intelligence — an intelligence that far surpasses anything that has yet been seen or dreamed or imagined.  And you enter into that intelligence.  You are it.  You’re a reflection of it.  But to see it all, to be it, to be that totality — that’s what attracts a few of us to perpetually go forward into it. And it’s neither moral nor amoral, good nor bad.  It’s not an achievement.  It’s just what you’re drawn to.  We’re drawn back to the sea of eternity … and along the way there are places you can get stuck.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Neutral Density is talk 1 of 7 in the On the Road With Rama series. 

This talk was recorded at the Continental Divide in Colorado.

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