Power (The Continental Divide)

“Mysticism is the study of energy, the study of power. Power itself is simply a word to try to describe attention, awareness.   Power is the ability to translate, that is, to shift from one level of attention to another.”   

“In mysticism, the first course of action is to do away with imprinting — our own conditioning and the conditioning of others.  Then we need to be re-imprinted but in a different way; we need the imprinting of enlightenment, of freedom.”  

“So classically what occurs is one meets a teacher.  And that being will teach you how to overcome your old imprinting by changing your way of life and by teaching you the ways of power — how to store it, collect it, amplify it, how to stop losing it.  By bringing enough power into your life, you will gradually erase or actually overcome your imprinting.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Power is talk 6 of 7 in the On the Road With Rama series.

This talk was recorded at the Continental Divide in Colorado.

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