Transcendentalism (Walden Pond)

”Our subject tonight is transcendentalism — the awareness of eternity in the present…  As I’m sitting talking to you, I’m watching a squirrel.  I’m sitting here in the Dodge van and I’m watching this cute little guy hop back and forth, apparently oblivious to our technologically-oriented civilization. He’s out there in his world, a world of trees and nuts and wind and rain and sunshine — completely unaware of the things that we are aware of, and, of course, we are unaware of the things that he is aware of. So transcendentalism suggests that we are aware of our world …but we are completely oblivious to a world that may be right next to us.”   Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Transcendentalism is talk 7 of 7 in the On the Road with Rama series.  

This talk was recorded at  Walden Pond in Massachusetts.

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