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A Workshop with Rama

Talk Sets

A Workshop with Rama

  1. Psychic Development

Psychic development isn’t really anything we really develop. Rather what we do is we envelop. We simply dissolve the layers, the sort of paper between the slices and the mind becomes unified. We make the mind aware of itself and the aspects integrate in new ways.

  1. Meditation and Kundalini

Kundalini is energy. It is the life force. Everyone has kundalini. It’s already there. But it’s a question of waking it up. By practicing meditation, we use tap into our energy – our kundalini – to bring us higher and to access our true essence.

  1. Enlightenment and Self-Realization

Enlightenment is absorption in Eternity. Enlightenment is to become Eternity itself. What’s important is not self-realization, but what you can do for others.

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