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Zen, Taoism and Buddhism


This insightful talk strips away the mystery surrounding the Buddha and the religion of Buddhism.  The Buddha's teaching are presented as practical viewpoints, still useful in the modern world.  According to Rama, “Buddhism is a very scientific approach to self-discovery.”  The Buddha is depicted as one who looked for tested solutions to counter the suffering and malaise of humanity.  “He decided to use himself as an experiment,” Rama remarks at one point. “He was very much like an Einstein.”

As the Buddha is described as being very scientific in his approach, Rama paints Taoism as a more subtle artistic pathway to enlightenment.  Rama defines Taoism as “the way of the child ... the way of the fool, the way of someone who doesn't have to have pomp and circumstance.”  Unlike Buddhism which is logical, Taoism is more of “a suggestion for perceiving life in its wholeness, without unnecessary categorization, yet while enjoying the beauty of categorization.”

The talk ends with a very interactive and funny section on Zen.  Rama describes the ancient zen masters, claps his hands to shift energy and even offers his own cryptic zen koan to the listener:  “There's no Zen. All there is is dishwater, timeless, eternal, perfect dishwater waiting for the dishes that will never come.” Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Talk 19 of 28 in the Lakshmi Series.