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Freeing Up Available Energy - Virtual Meditation & Discussion

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 10:00pm



Please join Jeff for a virtual class and meditation on Tuesday evening, September 24th at 7 PM PST, 10 PM EST. 

Topic: "Freeing Up Available Energy"

Instructor Description: It seems that we are bound, to a varying extent, to the "appearances" of our physical world and although we are aware of our non-physical nature, the seeming concreteness of the world is quite compelling.  My observation is that a tremendous amount of our "available energy" (a concept from the Don Juan knowledge) can be released or "unbound", in a balanced way, and thus made more available for inner exploration.

We will discuss some ideas on how to "shift" our focus by paying more attention to subtle energetic flows, among other means.  As Rama has said, "what we focus on we become", so that will be a reminder and part of our motivation. There will be two meditation sessions with music played by Zazen.  These classes are participatory and experiential and geared toward feeling more of richly textured dimensionality. Read more about our instructor Jeff in his Teacher Profile.  Call in details are included in our newsletter or email us at rsvp@ramameditationsociety.org