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If you haven't had a chance to do The Landmark Forum, or haven't since 2008, I highly recommend checking it out. I went in pretty arrogant about the whole thing, thinking, I've done all this before, but was blown away by the experience.

In essence The Landmark Forum empowers you in whatever is most important to you whether that be career, relationships, meditation, sports, whatever. We all have a deep passion for things in our life, but find ourselves getting stopped and limited. Or we convince ourselves that we'll get there in the elusive "some day".

For myself, I went in seeking some improvement in health and finances and what I got out of it was the ability to communicate with the people closest to me. I saw I had so much fear about what people might say (wife, mother, family, bosses, friends, strangers) that I opted not to say anything at all. Needless to say I built up a wall of resentment in relationships. And I had *no idea* I was doing this and yet it was clearly impacting my life, meditation, and the people around me.

I was able to distinguish something I did not know was impacting me and so create a new future. Now I have whole new relationships with the people in my life. My meditation is far more powerful and clear and my life is filled with more love and joy.

I highly recommend visiting and introduction. I am currently in the Introduction Leaders Program and would love to share more about it. Please reach out to me if you see anything in this for yourself! chriscfellows@gmail.com. Looking forward to catching up with you!

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Lisa Dee

This sounds very interesting. Perhaps you can do a talk through the American Buddhism or Career Success series regarding what you learned.  Thanks so much for sharing.