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Lettuce/Lotus Leaves

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Lettuce/Lotus Leaves

Rama made sure to tell us that he was not born on a lettuce leaf or lotus leaf – his joke, not mine.

Meaning, he did not want people to invent all kinds of folklore around him after his death. He was a man, born to a mother and father, in a hospital on a day much like any other.  No farm animals.  No shooting stars.  No earthquakes. 

Rama grew through years of meditation, teaching and selfless giving and attained Enlightenment in this lifetime.  Now, for Rama this was a repeat performance. In other words, this was not his first incarnation as an Enlightened person, BUT he still had to do all the things he recommended his students do in this life, which made his recommendations that much more powerful. 

His point: We could attain enlightenment, even though we were not born on lettuce/lotus leaves.

How is your journey to enlightenment going?