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No Thought - Virtual Meditation & Discussion


Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 9:30pm

Please join Jeff for a virtual class and meditation on "No Thought" on Tuesday evening August 22nd at 9:30 PM EST, 6:30 PM PST.  

"To meditate what you need to do is free yourself from your ideas and your thoughts.  All of the higher dimensional planes, the higher realities, the infinite cosmos itself is beyond thought."  (Quote from Rama)
We will explore some avenues in the direction of "no thought".  Also, there will be two meditation sessions with Zazen music.  The class will be participatory and experiential and geared toward supporting participants in feeling a more richly textured dimensionality.
Call in details are included in our newsletter or email us at rsvp@ramameditationsociety.org