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Rama Live - Consciousness Expansion and Desire

The world is constantly imprinting us. It’s imprinting us with ideas, beliefs, vibrational forms, all kinds of things. And the imprinting is so constant and so powerful, that it’s necessary for us to allow Eternity to imprint ourselves in a slightly different way. So when we have one of these moments, the longer we can meditate upon it, the longer we can keep it in our cumulative consciousness, the stronger in a sense it will become. Because the moment is not really a moment. Rather, it’s an entrance into another plane of reality, and that plane of reality is always available.

Rama Live - Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic awareness is the realization that we're light. That each one of us is light. As we progress in our inundation with light, as we make friends with light, and we come to know it better, we come to know our substance and our essence, then we find that we're not really separate beings of light.

Rama Live - For Every Ending There Is a New Beginning

Between the superconscious, and the conscious, there's a space, a gap, which each one of us experiences on the way towards the transcendental reality. It's the journey that we make called self-discovery.