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Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising was the first Zazen album recorded entirely in the studio and was the first Zazen album to make use of some new advances in music technology, especially in drum machines.



Meditate to the soothing melodies of Ecstasy. Listen online or download the entire album. It's free.

Mandala of Light

Mandala of Light is meditative, light, melodic but still. From Zazen's point of view, it is a breakthrough in melody and arrangements.


Mystery School

The beautiful music on this remastered CD, some of Zazen's finest work, elevates the spirit. Produced by Rama. The CD contains the original song sequence as Rama conceived it.



Samadhi is one of three meditation music albums designed by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Samadhi can be used for morning or evening meditation. This album contains fourteen tracks composed by Zazen, produced by Rama.



This album is ideal for morning meditation. The Enlightenment album is based on the five elements --water, wind, thunder, fire, and earth--that were believed in ancient times to form the underpinning of all things.


Canyons of Light & Cayman Blue

These two visual and musical explorations were produced by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz specifically to aid in relaxation and produce a deep meditative experience.