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Lakshmi Series

The Lakshmi Series is set of teachings that comprise a comprehensive foundation for self-discovery.

Integrated Meditation Studies - Purity video

Fusion Meditation Videos

Fusion Meditation is a series of videos from Integrated Meditation Studies. These videos combine the words of Rama, meditation music by Zazen and photographs of nature.

Talk Sets

Psychic Development Talk Set

The Psychic Development talk-set contains 6 talks; Selfless Giving, Dharma, The Caretaker Personality, Psychic Self-Defense, Places of Power, and Seeing.


The Last Incarnation

The Last Incarnation is a collection of over 130 stories about timeless experiences with Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Written by Rama's students during 1982 and 1983, the stories convey the fun, awe and insight that Rama imparts to students, past and present.

El Ciclo de la Iluminacion

El ciclo de la iluminación

Este grupo de conferencias, por Rama, el Dr. Frederick P. Lenz, es un resumen, una compresión de conocimiento que representa una enorme cantidad de sabiduría. Los temas incluyen: meditación, budismo, poder, balance, sabiduría, iluminación, felicidad personal, reencarnación, éxito profesional, milagros, meditación intermedia, y El ciclo de la iluminación.



Meditate to the soothing melodies of Ecstasy. Listen online or download the entire album. It's free.

Rama Live - Cosmic Awareness

Cosmic awareness is the realization that we're light. That each one of us is light. As we progress in our inundation with light, as we make friends with light, and we come to know it better, we come to know our substance and our essence, then we find that we're not really separate beings of light.

Rama Live - For Every Ending There Is a New Beginning

Between the superconscious, and the conscious, there's a space, a gap, which each one of us experiences on the way towards the transcendental reality. It's the journey that we make called self-discovery.


A Workshop with Rama - Psychic Development

Psychic development isn’t really anything we really develop. Rather what we do is we envelop. We simply dissolve the layers, the sort of paper between the slices and the mind becomes unified. We make the mind aware of itself and the aspects integrate in new ways.


A Workshop with Rama - Meditation & Kundalini

Kundalini is energy. It is the life force. Everyone has kundalini. It’s already there. But it’s a question of waking it up. By practicing meditation, we use tap into our energy – our kundalini – to bring us higher and to access our true essence.


A Workshop with Rama - Enlightenment & Self Realization

Enlightenment is absorption in Eternity. Enlightenment is to become Eternity itself. What’s important is not self-realization, but what you can do for others.


Rama Photos by Harry Langdon

Harry Langdon has generously given RMS permission to use some of his portraits of Rama on this website. Harry can provide prints of these images in various sizes.