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Shining Interviews

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Shining Interviews

Shining Interviews -  If you are getting interviews but are failing to land jobs, consider the following suggestions for improving your performance in job interviews:


  • Dress in clean, professional clothes appropriate to the position you are interviewing for.
  • Bring copies of your resume and offer them to the people interviewing you.
  • If you are requested to bring references or writing samples, make sure to do so.
  • Study the position description carefully and prepare at least 2 substantive questions regarding the position. 
  • Study the company. You should know a little about it.  You should also prepare a couple of questions regarding the company.
  • Go to websites and find common interview questions.  Write notes on your planned responses to these common questions. 
  • Write down good examples from your past experience, including a time you succeeded, a time you overcame obstacles and examples when you demonstrated the ability to perform functions in the job description.
  • Ask a friend you respect to help you by conducting a practice interview or two with you. Ask them for honest feedback to help improve your performance. [Note: If you are going to have a group interview, try to practice with a group.]

A Good Start:

  • Arrive on-time or early. Never be late.
  • Make sure you get the names of the people in the interview. It is better to ask them to repeat their name and to write it down than to forget it or call the person by an incorrect name.

Write:  It can be helpful in interviews to write notes including:

  • key words from questions as they are asked (so you will remember to fully answer the questions asked)
  • key information you are given (so you won’t ask them to repeat information they already gave you)
  • questions that occur to you as the interview progresses (so you can remember to ask when you have the chance)

Answer Questions:

  • Clearly answer the specific question that you are asked.
  • Watch how long you are talking and make sure you do not talk for too long.
  • Try not to repeat yourself excessively.
  • Watch saying “you know” over and over again.

Ask Questions: In the interview, when you are given the opportunity to ask questions, ask a couple of questions which will demonstrate your interest in the position and the company.

Please add some of your suggestions to this post. Good luck.

Great Stuff, In addition


Before the Interview: Set your intention on how you want to be perceived by the interviewee.

Shake Hands:  At the start and end of the interview, shake hands firmly.   It's a professional necessity, in many profesions, and means you're serious.

Eye Contact:  Eye contact is essential.  If you're uncomfortable looking directly into a person's eyes, you can look at the bridge of their nose.

Ask Questions: During the interview, be genuinely curious about the position, what your role would be and the current situation, even if you're not interested.   

Know your top 3 strengths & weaknessesKnow this by  heart and be honest.   It's a common question.  


60 seconds and you're hired

The book called "60 seconds and you're hired" by Robin Ryan is a must read for getting hired.  It will walk you through the creation of a 5 point agenda, how to sell yourself in 60 seconds, pitfalls to avoid and much more.