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The Lakshmi Series

Dharma and Karma

Dharma is the path that is in alignment with what’s right. It is the line that separates good karma from bad karma. . . . Most people think of karma in physical terms, as circular cause and effect, but karma is not someone keeping records to make sure that whatever actions you take, you will experience the same later on in another life. Instead karma has to do with states of mind. Your karma determines your level of awareness: it controls the thoughts that you think, the emotions that you experience, and the things that they attract to you. Your karma – your level of awareness – is based on the dharma that you lived in past lives

Gods, Goddesses and Carrier Beings

"Today I'd like to talk with you about some of the different types of beings that you as a spiritual seeker will encounter on your journey to enlightenment....

"Throughout the ages, prophets and enlightened persons have talked about love, and they've said that the way is love. These words have apparently fallen on deaf ears because while the world does seem motivated occasionally by love, most of the time it's by desire. I suppose we could call desire a type of love, but there's so little light in it. There's so little self-giving in it. Beyond the spectrum of love that we experience is a radiance of love, a complete, harmonious, endless and perfect love. And this love is engendered, is awakened, not simply by our own actions. This love is engendered very often by the gods, goddesses and carrier beings." Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz


"All of life is a dream. There are no unimportant dreams. Dreaming is the borderline between life and death. It is the most sophisticated of all spiritual arts....

"This world, this earth, the people upon it, the ages that have past, the stars, the moon -- the experiences that each one of us has -- our loves, friendships, hopes, dreams, ambitions, frustrations -- from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death -- that which we call the experience -- our experience in this world is but a dream or a succession of dreams." Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

The Occult Body, Auras and The Chakras

Explore the mystery schools of the occult with Rama and learn about the mystical power within you. Topics like the occult body and the allies are introduced here. “The occult body,” according to Rama, “is a field of attention. It's an avenue of awareness. It's a wind tunnel that connects the different realities.”

Rama defines the occult body as the part of us that can use hidden power to produce effects. “An advanced spiritual aspirant is capable of creating many different bodies and can utilize these bodies to help aid others in their liberation.” Although it is noble to assist others, Rama cautions us that the occult is not something to treat lightly: “The occult world is not a world for the lightweight. The occult world is a world of warriors. It's a world of power, survival of the fittest.”

Zen, Taoism and Buddhism

This insightful talk strips away the mystery surrounding the Buddha and the religion of Buddhism. The Buddha's teaching are presented as practical viewpoints, still useful in the modern world. According to Rama, “Buddhism is a very scientific approach to self-discovery.” The Buddha is depicted as one who looked for tested solutions to counter the suffering and malaise of humanity. “He decided to use himself as an experiment,” Rama remarks at one point. “He was very much like an Einstein.”

As the Buddha is described as being very scientific in his approach, Rama paints Taoism as a more subtle artistic pathway to enlightenment. Rama defines Taoism as “the way of the child ... the way of the fool, the way of someone who doesn't have to have pomp and circumstance.” Unlike Buddhism which is logical, Taoism is more of “a suggestion for perceiving life in its wholeness, without unnecessary categorization, yet while enjoying the beauty of categorization.”

The talk ends with a very interactive and funny section on Zen. Rama describes the ancient zen masters, claps his hands to shift energy and even offers his own cryptic zen koan to the listener: “There's no Zen. All there is is dishwater, timeless, eternal, perfect dishwater waiting for the dishes that will never come.” Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Inaccessibility and Attachment

Desire and Attachment are two ideas at the core of Buddhist thought. There’s good news inside - you don’t have to give up sex and ice cream in order to become enlightened (he didn’t). Desires in themselves are neither good nor bad, but they have a predictable result. We must learn how to handle them or else we’ll suffer.

Inaccessibility is the wisdom of passing through the world without letting others adversely affect you. It’s an essential skill for those who live and work in the world.


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