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Women at Work: How to Navigate Bias in the Workplace

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Our friends at Dharma Center are hosting a workshop by Dr. Alison Coil, Associate Dean for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion entitled, "Women at Work: How to Navigate Bias in the Workplace". In this workshop, we will explore gender bias in the workplace as well as how meditation and mindfulness can support women at work.

Lenz Foundation Awakened Leadership Conference

Friday, November 27, 2015

(by Liz L.) The Lenz Foundation is hosting a Mindfulness in Business Conference in June 2016.  For more details, see http://www.ramameditationsociety.org/awakened-leadership-mindfulness-bus...

The line up of speakers is impressive. See  foundation conference 2016.jpg

Stay tuned for more information.

How does a Rama Birthday Celebration Differ from a High School Reunion?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(by Chinjandra) It might appear that a birthday celebration for our teacher in 2013 looks similar to past celebrations. Are we walking through the same door?  Are we living in the past? Are we attending a high school reunion?

From an advanced Buddhist perspective: How can we be together again, when we are new at every moment?  The only impediment to realizing this are limited states of mind – the way we view ourselves and others.  How does advanced Buddhism help us to perceive ourselves, others and our moments correctly?

Taking It Uptown

Sunday, October 7, 2012

(by Stan Koehler)  Since the word meditation is a pejorative in my neighborhood, Spanish Harlem, I, or one of the crew like Jonathan,  usually begins by asking whatever group that we’re in front  of; “How many of you have been told that you don’t pay attention?”  After everyone raises their hand or says some assenting sound, they’re asked; “Has anyone been taught how to pay attention?”  The usual response is a loud, No!

Developing Willpower

“In Zen we study the will. We learn how to cultivate it and we learn to use it in specific ways -- to accumulate will. It is something that you can accumulate, just like money... "Will is assertion and you begin by learning to will small things. The first thing to will is meditation. Each day practice zazen -- will yourself -- whether you like it or not -- to sit down, to meditate. That will do more for developing your will than anything else. From there you will be able to take that will and bring it into your outer life and will outer changes. You can reshuffle yourself. You can make yourself into anybody you want to be." Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz


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