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Samadhi is one of three meditation music albums designed by Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz. Samadhi can be used for morning or evening meditation. This album contains fourteen tracks composed by Zazen, produced by Rama.

Mystery School

The beautiful music on this remastered CD, some of Zazen's finest work, elevates the spirit. Produced by Rama. The CD contains the original song sequence as Rama conceived it.

Urban Destruction

In this CD, Rama worked with Zazen to portray the tantric energy of the city of Los Angeles and to capture the influence of L.A.'s Latino culture.


Musical bliss! Samurai is the only CD in which Zazen's always-exquisite music is interspersed with Rama speaking about Buddhist topics ranging from optimism to enlightenment.


Rama loved Beethoven's string quartets. He admired these as some the greatest works ever written, although they are less popular than Beethoven's other works. The string quartets are intense, angular and complex. He played these for the musicians as a musical model. He told the band he wanted this kind of energy on Tantra because it was like him - intense and complex.

Composed by Zazen. Produced by Rama. © ℗ 1989, The Frederick P. Lenz Foundation for American Buddhism.


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