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PD 6 - Seeing

Seeing (PD6)

What is seeing? Well, seeing is a direct, immediate knowledge of something. It does not imply any kind of judgment or moral system or philosophical outlook or religious viewpoint. Seeing is seeing.

PD 5 - Places of Power

Places of Power (PD5)

What makes a place of power a place of power? No one really knows, it just is. Yet places of power attract powerful beings who live there, visit there, meditate there, gaze, jump into other worlds from that spot, and that increases the velocity of the place of power.

PD 4 - Psychic Self Defense

Psychic Self-Defense (PD4)

Our life energy is radically altered when it touches other energies. Some energies affect it more than others. , What is psychic self-defense? Well, very simply, it is maintaining the integrity of your own awareness.

PD 3 - The Caretaker Personality

The Caretaker Personality (PD3)

We are nothing in particular. The caretaker personality is like shopping for clothing. You were born without a personality. It’s not something that’s intrinsic. You developed one, step-by-step, and you can also dismantle the one that you have, step-by-step, and choose another or choose several—which is Rama’s recommendation.

PD 2 - Dharma

Dharma (PD2)

Dharma is doing the proper thing, thinking the proper thought, feeling the proper feeling. What is your dharma? If your dharma is self-discovery and psychic development, then you need to learn, within certain constraints, how to be perfect—perfectly nice.

PD 1 - Selfless Giving

Selfless Giving (PD1)

Selfless giving is friendliness. It’s an attitude towards life, a reverence for life. And it is one of the highest of all ways. Where do you start? Well, you start with the heart.

A Workshop with Rama

This talk-set given by Rama includes 3 talks; Psychic Development, Meditation & Kundalini and Enlightenment & Self-Realization.

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