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The Non-Doing of Meditation

“Meditation is not a doing. It just is. We think of meditation as something that we have to do, something that we have to accomplish. This is emblazoned on our consciousness by our lives. That's why I think people have difficulty with meditation. They try and do it. You can't. It's not something that can be done, nor is it something that can be undone. "Meditation has nothing to do with that, the personal self, that is. Meditation is timeless awareness. You don't have to do anything to make it happen. You don't have to rub two sticks together vigorously to create fire. The fire is already burning inside. To become aware of that which is, you simply have to stop … stop all the doings that you do, all the actions you perform, all the rituals….. "Meditation just is. You don't have to do anything.... Meditation exists with you constantly. The universe is meditation. That awareness is everywhere, just as the air is everywhere. You don't have to go to the air; you're breathing it already. You may be unaware that you're breathing -- your attention is elsewhere -- but you can easily become aware of the air. So you can easily meditate. “ Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz

How to Make Friends With God

“I think God is the least discussed subject. Less is known about God than anything else. People know about the world, they know about careers, they know about time, space. They know how to succeed, how to attract other people, how to raise children, build tall buildings, have advanced telecommunication networks, build bombs, pave roads, construct complex societies, write books … but they don't know anything about God. It's amazing.” Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz How do you get to know God? Detailed advice from one who has gotten to know God.

Instant Enlightenment

“How can you tell when you're enlightened?...Enlightenment means the total dissolution of the self in the white light of eternity. It doesn't simply mean that you can sit and go into samadhi and have a very high meditation. It means that there is no longer a personal self....

"Enlightenment is difficult to discuss because there are different types of enlightenment ….There are satori illuminations when we have a very high meditation, and classically, when you have a satori illumination, for about 40 days afterwards you will be in a very high state of awareness. You experience satori, you go into a type of enlightened state, but then after that time has passed, gradually your consciousness will return to the world.

"Enlightenment, from my point of view, does not involve going into samadhi a few times or having a few satori experiences. Over a period of years of going into samadhi day after day, night after night, for hundreds and thousands of hours, enlightenment takes place. The way I define it is self-realization. That is to say, enlightenment doesn't simply mean that you've gone up a few times and seen the white light of eternity and merged with the all. I would say that's a basic level of samadhi. Enlightenment has to do with the erasure of the samskaras -- the past life tendencies -- after you've gone into samadhi for hundreds and thousands of hours ... many, many times over a period of years ... as is described, let's say, in the biography of Ramakrishna.” Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz


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