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Authors & Artists

Bodhi - Musician

The talents of Grammy nominated guitar virtuoso Joaquin Lievano have garnered enthusiastic responses from both Jazz and Rock fans throughout the Americas, Europe and Japan. In addition, the modern rhythms and burning fretwork of this master's music have won him the accolades of critics world-wide.

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Kathy Marshall - Singer / Songwriter

Kathy Marshall's songs sing of connection with life and death, the earth, the source, her teachers (including Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz), and more.

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Liz Lewinson - Author

Liz Lewinson is the author of the award-winning biography of Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz, as well as other books and audio books.

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Turiya - Author

Turīya is the author of several books including her newest book, Unreasonable Joy.

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