Lakshmi (S.D.)

Tropical Sunset


About: Lynne Miller, aka Lakshmi is an American Dharma Teacher

Lakshmi began her study with Rama in1982.  She writes about her journey as a mystic with Rama in her book, Awake in the Dream. Her talent is integrating divine energy with the human experience and helping students awaken to their own truth.  Lakshmi co-founded Dharma Center where she taught for 18 years, then founded Integrated Meditation Studies where she teaches small groups, and hosts retreats.

Since March 2020, Lakshmi has led ‘daily’ ZOOM meditations and Dharma talks. She created a series of 10 meditation movies with Rama’s voice, Zazen music, and nature’s beauty.  To view those movies and peruse Lakshmi’s teachings go to

Classes and Offerings: Recently Lakshmi founded Integrated Meditation Studies where she will teach small groups, private sessions, and online classes. To learn more about Lynne – Lakshmi visit Integrated Meditation Studies, where you will find information about her teachings and retreats. If you are interested in joining her zoom classes contact her at