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Meditation Teachers


Lakshmi is a meditation teacher and certified life coach. She has been teaching meditation and sharing Rama’s teachings for over 25 years. She was motivated to teach after experiencing the transformative effects of meditation on her spiritual life and career and watching the incredible transformations of others. Lakshmi is CEO of her own I.T. consulting firm. Her current focus is on coaching other women in life and career success and sharing the amazing insights and gems of truth and power that she has assimilated into her life from her years of study with Rama.

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Lakshmi (S.D.)

Lakshmi met and studied with Rama in 1982 and has written about her experiences in her book Awake in the Dream. Her talent is integrating the teachings of the East and West, the non-verbal with verbal, and mysticism with practical living. Lakshmi founded Integrated Meditation Studies.

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Larry Borok

Larry Borok was a direct student of Rama from 1982 until Rama’s Mahasamadhi in 1998. He taught meditation to hundreds of beginners from 2000-2015. Larry focuses on how to apply meditative states of mind to a wide variety of situations living in the world (i.e. tantric practice).

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Living Flow

In addition to being the publisher of Rama’s books,  Living Flow strives to make Rama’s teachings accessible to new generations of students through online content, courses, and workshops.

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Lucia Rene

Lucia studied with Rama for 17 years and has been on a spiritual path for almost 50 years. She works mainly with women, focusing on their empowerment and enlightenment. She gives teleconferences online, workshops in the U.S. and Europe, and retreats in Ecuador. Her award-winning book, Unplugging the Patriarchy, recounts her own dharmic work and embeds Rama’s teachings throughout.

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Michael is a meditation teacher who studied for many years as a direct student of Rama. Michael is the founder of Bakersfield Meditation Society.

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Mila Diamond

Mila Diamond teaches meditation and mindfulness as part of her business and life coaching program.

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Ninja has been a student of Rama’s since 1982 when he joined the San Francisco Center.

He received a teaching empowerment from Rama and was ordained a Buddhist monk in 1995. Ninja worked on several successful software projects with Rama and received his spiritual name in 1997.

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Roger Cantu

Filled with the magical essence of meditation, Roger Cantu is a pragmatic teacher of self-discovery. He uses storytelling, and a bright sense of humor, to bring to life the teachings of Buddhism, meditation, and mindfulness.

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As a yoga, meditation and Qigong teacher, life coach and master healer, Savitri brings the potency of over forty years of spiritual study, practice and certified expertise.

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