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Meditation Teachers

Shiva (Tony Chester)

Shiva (Tony Chester) has been a student of Rama since 1982 and has been a Spiritual Teacher in Rama’s Lineage for over 30 years.

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Turiya - Dharma Center

Turīya teaches Trikaya Buddhism, a practice consisting of meditation, applied mindfulness, an excellent sense of humor, and respect for all who seek Truth. In addition to teaching at Dharma Center in San Diego, Turīya is the author of several books.

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Victoria (Ching) More

Victoria was a student of Rama for 17 years and he is still a beloved influence and amazing presence in her life and work. Victoria has been teaching meditation, spiritual development, egoic clearing, yoga, etc. fulltime for many years through multiple organizations. She is currently offering online events, in-person retreats and sacred journeys.

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