Mila Diamond

Mila Diamond

About: Mila Diamond teaches meditation and mindfulness as part of her business and life coaching program. A trained Buddhist monk, her path as a tantric practitioner has led her to build a successful technology and management consulting company on Wall Street serving Fortune 500-1000 clients, speaking at international technology conferences on the topics of integrating technology with business growth, team building, and teaching personal development and productivity at companies and on an individual level.   

In the past six years, Mila has also been coaching public speaking, especially coaching TEDx speakers on how to distill their big ideas, get invited to speak at a TEDx conference, and craft a powerful TEDx talk. More specifically, she helps her students to launch their careers or business from a TEDx platform.  

Classes and Offerings: Mila’s meditation students are career and business professionals, entrepreneurs, and U.S. Army & Navy Veterans who want to create an extraordinary life for themselves while making a difference in the lives of others. Mila works with clients worldwide in a 1-on-1 format via Skype or Zoom.  

Following a model she learned from her teacher Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz, Mila works with students using their careers and businesses as a framework to develop laser-like focus, clarity, and personal power, as well as to overcome life-long negative conditioning, to awaken the mind and actualize a personal potential, while creating an extraordinary life of success and genuine fulfillment.  

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