Turiya Dhara


Location: San Diego, California

Website: http://turiyabliss.com

About: Turīya Dhara (Jenna Sundell) teaches Trikaya Buddhism, a practice consisting of meditation, applied mindfulness, an excellent sense of humor, and respect for all who seek Truth.

On this path, form follows function, in the sense of using the teachings that work in our modern world. Wisdom and techniques from traditions such as Vajrayana, Zen, Bhakti Yoga, and Mysticism are unified in this American form of practical Buddhism. The flexibility of this path allows methods to be shared based on the needs of individual students.

Although she didn’t know that sitting in silence was called meditation, Turīya’s practice began as a child. She used it as a means to find her center in difficult times, especially as a teenager, and then she would forget about it. Once she became a student of Rama, she learned the true power of meditation as a method for personal transformation and Awakening to all that we are. Since 1992, daily meditation and mindfulness practice has been the foundation of Turīya’s life. In 1994 Rama empowered her to teach as a Buddhist monk. After moving to San Diego, she founded Dharma Center in 1998 to share Trikaya Buddhism with the public.

Turīya’s teaching style involves spontaneous discourses and meditation empowerments. In meditation, students discover a blissful, peaceful state of mind, which is the esoteric part of the practice that is beyond words. This is the traditional way of teaching meditation, where it is shown by the teacher holding their mind still.  She also provides dharma talks which include practical tips for how Trikaya Buddhism can be incorporated into daily life. Through the power of meditation and applied mindfulness, students move through rapid transformations that expand their awareness of Light and their awareness of what it is to be here in this world right now.

Dharma Center offers the opportunity for students to sit with a wide variety of teachers who share their unique perspectives and experiences on the Path. Much like Rama’s original community, a population of students with diverse backgrounds is found at Dharma Center. Many students gravitate towards one specific teacher, while others enjoy the fusion in their own practice created by sitting with all the teachers. In addition to teaching at Dharma Center, Turīya is the author of several books – See her author page for more details. 

She also teaches through her blog: www.turiyabliss.com and on www.Facebook.com/Turiyabliss and Instagram and Twitter @turiyabliss.

Classes and Offerings: Learn more about Dharma Center and our class schedule at www.DharmaCenter.com Discover more about Trikaya Buddhism: www.trikayabuddhism.com