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FREE Books, Music, Talks and Videos

The resources in this library contain the published teachings of Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz in book, audio, video and musical form. Over the years of his teaching career, Rama restated all the great traditions, teaching the unity of all pathways. His work covers Hinduism, Taoism, Mysticism, Zen Buddhism, Tantric Buddhism and more. He termed his teachings American Buddhism.  "Anyone who meditates is a Buddhist." 


Each resource in this library provides a meditation, a koan or doorway to take you, the viewer, reader or listener, to new bands of awareness, knowledge and luminosity.



Books written by Rama are available for free download and/or purchase.  Also in book form are collections of  transcripts of his numerous talk series.  The talks are often humorous and always offer unique content.
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Music for meditation by Rama with his band Zazen, infused with the energy of enlightenment.  Not your ordinary meditation music!
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Dr. Lenz published many audio talk sets. Each set provides multi-faceted insight and realization, and all talks are available for downloads, listening online or purchase.
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Dr. Lenz recorded the "Tantric Buddhism" video for new students.  It can be viewed or downloaded for free.  Other video teachings are available here as well.
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