Women and Enlightenment

Woman Victory

In 1982, Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz recorded a talk titled Women, Men, and Self-Realization.  It opens with these take-no-prisoners statements that set the foundation for his stance on the power of women and their ability to achieve Enlightenment

“It is much easier for women to attain spiritual liberation than it is for men to do so. A woman’s subtle physical body accepts light, in this world, much more readily than does a man’s. It seems a curious fact, then, that throughout the short-lived history of spirituality in this world that there have been very few self-realized, enlightened women.” Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

Rama goes on to explain that there is no difference between men and women on the level of the soul but that women’s subtle physical bodies are designed to enable rapid transformation – to change again and again in the white light of eternity – supporting their ability to attain liberation.   

Dr. Lenz explains that in this world there has been a deep misunderstanding and fear of the power of women. In 1983 Rama recorded, Why Don’t More Women Attain Enlightenment? and stated: “In a fallen world, in a world of fear and darkness, men have reacted very negatively to the power that is inherent in women. Rather than realizing that that power is also indigenous to themselves, that they have the same power, only it manifests in other ways, they have rejected that power and sought to convince women of the exact opposite, that they are powerless. They have done this through sexual repression, economic repression, political repression, social repression, ideological repression, and spiritual repression…”

Rama went on to say: “When you wish to subjugate a people, you have to convince them of their own inherent weakness. If they believe that they are weak, they will not rebel. If they believe that they are strong and intelligent, they will rebel.” 

Throughout his teaching career, Rama emphasized that women are innately suited for dealing with power and in fact exemplify power.  Rama intentionally placed women in key leadership roles in his business and teaching organizations.  Further, Rama only accepted male students who would not seek to diminish the power of his women students. Rama taught that the fast spiritual path for men is to focus on love and humility rather than power, as they are taught by the world.

Rama offered many practical suggestions to his students to stop losing their power, to store power, and to gain power.  These suggestions included:

  • Take a break from serial relationships if going from one relationship to another
  • Cut out negative sexual partners, as during sex, in a state of openness, you are likely to absorb the mindstate of her partner
  • Become financially independent through a successful career
  • Dress well to look professional, not to attract sexual attention
  • Get in top physical shape through martial arts or other means
  • And many more.

Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz stated that the repression of women, violence against women, and the gender imbalance in our world today is the main reason for disharmony throughout the globe.  When women regain their innate capabilities to express and utilize power, and men focus on love and humility, the planet will return to a more peaceful state.

Rama – Dr Frederick Lenz’s Teachings on Women & Spirituality

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