Spiritual Experiences

Scenic Blue

What really inspires us to go forward on the pathway to enlightenment are spiritual experiences. The most common type of spiritual experience is the one that you are having at this moment. We call it life.

Perfect moments are moments when we go beyond ourselves and we touch something immortal. When our perception unfolds and we step beyond who we’ve been. Our energy gets so high that it literally lifts us above personality, and for a timeless time, we merge with life.  We merge with something that there are no words for.

You can walk through a doorway where the world as you know it goes away. Reality as you know it goes away and you stand on the edge of eternity, with a vista that is so incredible, so powerful, so perfect, that it’s overwhelming and you are in fact overwhelmed by it, and you no longer exist. The greatest miracle, in other words, is the metaphysical process.

Grand Canyon

When everything is silent, when your mind becomes silent in meditation, then the world stops. Time stops. Life stops, as we know it. Then something happens. We feel a feeling. We feel a longing. It kind of overtakes the spirit. We feel eternality. We feel the infinitude of being. And there’s a longing. The spirit longs for the world of light from which it came. It wants to return. The longing causes something to happen. It causes the being to grow into the light.

You are unlocking the power of eternity and allowing it to flow through your mind and your body. You’re allowing your spirit to rise with the wind into infinity.  There are no words. There’s only the possibility of a moment even more incredible a little bit further down the road.

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