Rama dedicated his life to enlightenment and was a tireless advocate for the enlightenment of women.  “Women and Enlightenment” is a 19-minute film from Magic Dog Creative, which focuses on Rama’s core teachings on this subject.  In summary: It is easier for a woman to absorb and retain light and to change rapidly. A woman…

These two visual and musical explorations were produced by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz specifically to aid in relaxation and produce a deep meditative experience. The beautiful scores were written and played by Zazen. Canyons of Light and Cayman Blue feature scenes from some of the most breathtaking power spots that the world has to…

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Fusion Meditation Videos

Fusion Meditation is a series of videos from Integrated Meditation Studies. These videos combine the words of Rama, meditation music by Zazen and photographs of nature. They are about 10 to 25 minutes in length each.  Enjoy! 

“Tantric Buddhism with Rama” features Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz in a multi-faceted presentation of his teachings on Tantric Buddhism for the West. With dramatic backgrounds of the Himalayas, Buddhist stupas and art, Rama guides the viewer through a range of topics, from meditation, reincarnation and enlightenment to living and working in the modern world….

We are honored to share with you Live Concert Performances from 2020 by Bodhi (Joaquin Lievano) of Zazen: April 2020 May 2020 June 2020 Sept 2020 Dec 2020  Friends of Rama arranged for these wonderful concerts and have generously shared them with us. The concerts are truly magnificent. Enjoy!!!

Discover (and share) this wonderful, beautifully edited new film on “Overcoming Stress and Fear featuring Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz.”  At the end of the17-minute  film you’ll find meditation instructions and ideal music for meditation. Excerpts from Rama’s talks on overcoming stress and fear plus lively narration provide a current of inspiration.

“Signs of a Rebel Buddha” examines the teachings of unconventional spiritual masters in an attempt to understand what makes them unique. The film uses the teachings and life of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz – as an example and weaves in images of Rama and Zazen music throughout.  “Signs of a Rebel Buddha” was developed…