Enlightenment Cycle

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Intermediate Meditation

“Meditation is concentration in the beginning. It’s a focus. Then, in the intermediate stage, it’s an opening, a deepening of one’s awareness but with a focus towards the planes of light.  In intermediate meditation, you’re touching light more deeply than in introductory meditation. In advanced meditation, you become light. You transcend self, ego, time, space,…

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“I like miracles.  They inspire me.  Miracles cause you to believe, to have faith in the unseen, to look further into things.  So miracles have a purpose.  Miracles help people believe in enlightenment.  Some people don’t need miracles, they just believe.  But for many people, miracles are important, and some enlightened teachers do miracles to…

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“Power is the active force in life.  It is the force of life that makes awareness.  Power is the band that we perceive things on.  In radio, we have AM stations, FM stations, short wave stations, and others.  They’re frequencies. Frequencies vibrate at specific rates, and within those frequencies, we transmit information and receive information. …