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PD 6 – Seeing

Seeing (PD6) What is seeing? Well, seeing is a direct, immediate knowledge of something. It does not imply any kind of judgment or moral system or philosophical outlook or religious viewpoint. Seeing is seeing. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

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PD 2 – Dharma

Dharma is doing the proper thing, thinking the proper thought, feeling the proper feeling. What is your dharma? If your dharma is self-discovery and psychic development, then you need to learn, within certain constraints, how to be perfect—perfectly nice. Download all talks in this series (Free MP3 audio)

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Wheel of Dharma

The Wheel of Dharma, written by Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz, was published as a limited edition paperback in 1982. We are pleased to offer it here in electronic form. In the book, Rama engages the reader in a conversation on truth, perception, existence, life and death, love and light. This book is a microcosm…

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Dharma & Karma

“Dharma is the path that is in alignment with what’s right.”   “Most people think of karma in physical terms, as circular cause and effect, but karma is not someone keeping records to make sure that whatever actions you take, you will experience the same later on in another life.  Instead, karma has to do…

In today’s hectic world of wireless devices, trending topics, and general economic turmoil, people find a simple balance in life very difficult to achieve. In this lecture, How to Achieve Spiritual Balance, Rama lays out a few basic guidelines for finding balance in your life. “Spiritual balance occurs largely through being yourself,” Rama states. Yet…