There is a still point between the turning worlds. There is a still point beyond life, time, and death. Your experience of the still point is Enlightenment.

Why become enlightened? Why join the military? Why get married? Why cross the ocean? It is a personal choice. There is something in a person that draws them to the light.

There are many different Pathways to Freedom or Enlightenment — ZenTantric BuddhismVedantaTaoismMysticism, or other paths.

Each path affords a different view. So we climb up the mountain. It has many sides, many paths.  We can go up the mountain, down the mountain, around the mountain. The top of the mountain is enlightenment. The mountain of enlightenment, of course, is inside of us. It’s inside our minds.

If you are trying to make it to the top of the mountain and there is no path, it’s pretty difficult.  A path is there because it’s one of the best ways to get up to the top. Somebody figured that out. They saw the easiest way or perhaps the way with the most wonderful views.

Different paths afford different views. Some paths have greater difficulty, some less. Some people like difficulty; some want an easy way. Some paths are fast; some more leisurely.  One path is not better than another.  Souls have different journeys. The important thing is to find the path that suits you.

Sometimes you make a change in your life.  Your intuition says it’s time to change from one path to another. The one you were on was too slow or too fast or just didn’t have the views you wanted. But to keep changing constantly accomplishes nothing.  It’s good to pick something that you like, stick with it for a while, work on it and bring it to perfection.

Pathway to Enlightenment with Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz

The Enlightenment Cycle talk set available for free download from this site contains 12 talks about the Pathway to Enlightenment.

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