Trip to Greece

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(by E.P.) As meditation practitioners, we take intentional trips that are of benefit to our internal development. We take journeys into spirit; transformational journeys to the center of our minds…
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Animal Tendencies

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(by Ninja) Enlightenment, the full realization of the self as non-separate from the ever-present, perfect light of eternal awareness is rarely seen in this world. In Buddhism, we recognize enlightened…
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Occult Dancer

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(by Ninja) I want to tell you about a remarkable lecture that Rama gave at Boston University in November 1985 when I was a computer science student there. It was…
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Peak Experiences

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(by Ninja) The Himalaya, Sanskrit for “abode of snow”, comprises a series of 3 parallel mountain ranges running across or bordering India, China, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nepal. Nine…
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