Folding the Mind Book

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Jeff Cohodas (long-time student of Rama) has published a new book Folding The Mind: Unique Discoveries We All Can Make Into Deeper Reality Naturally Folding the mind is something totally unexpected…
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New Children’s Book

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Roger Cantu (long-time student of Rama) has published his first children’s book, “Frogs in Trouble”. This book is the first of a series with the intent to teach basic Buddhist…
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Born into a Body

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(by Ninja) We are born into a body and conditioned to believe that our identity is connected to this body. But the great sages and scriptures all tell us that…
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Trip to Greece

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(by E.P.) As meditation practitioners, we take intentional trips that are of benefit to our internal development. We take journeys into spirit; transformational journeys to the center of our minds…
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Animal Tendencies

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(by Ninja) Enlightenment, the full realization of the self as non-separate from the ever-present, perfect light of eternal awareness is rarely seen in this world. In Buddhism, we recognize enlightened…
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