Rama Speaks Audiobook Available

By Larry Borok

Rama explained each step of the pathway to enlightenment many times over the years, and interconnected them in new ways as each talk unfolded. 

Rama Speaks was meant to consolidate and organize his many recorded talks into an easy-to-follow narrative. The book simply presents what I thought were his essential concepts in a sequence that lets the reader more easily grasp his model of the mind.

Rama Speaks has nearly 200 extended quotes from these recorded talks — I just tried to tee them up and, when necessary, provide some context.

In the Audiobook, I was able to splice in all of the quotes from the original recordings. Needless to say this took a while but it’s all Rama, five and a half hours’ worth of material, no voice actor.

As the title of the book says, the idea was to let Rama speak. Listen to him teach!

It’s available on Amazon, Audible, Spotify, and about 30 other audiobook sites.