Meditation Teachers


Chinjandra is a meditation instructor ordained by Rama and empowered by him to teach meditation. She enjoys facilitating discussions with other seekers about Rama’s materials.
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Christopher Jones

CHRISTOPHER JONES Chris is a teacher of Meditation and his class “Meditation for Professionals” has been taught in Westchester and on Governor’s Island. Chris instructs on the practicality and usefulness of meditation and how it can help you make better decisions in all areas of your work, play, and relationships.
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Dharma (Duskin) Jasper

Location: Santa Fe, NM Website: Email: About: Duskin Jasper (Dharma) studied American Buddhism with Rama directly in the 1990s and was ordained as a Buddhist Monk.  Dharma teaches beginning and intermediate meditation…
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Dharma Center

Dharma Center exists to share the Dharma — the teachings of meditation and mindfulness — and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering.
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Diana Byron

Diana Byron, RYT has been a direct student of Rama’s since 1992 and is based in Connecticut. She offers Kripalu Yoga classes, Meditation Coaching, Wellness workshops, and hosts a private online community for women who meditate.
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Dorje studied with Rama since the mid-1980’s and attributes her personal and professional success to his teachings and guidance. She shares her experience and understandings through live and virtual classes, the monthly RMS Book Club, and hiking adventures in the Western U.S.
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Hathor offers a powerful personal development approach that integrates work-life balance, increases physical and mental performance, and achieves greater personal happiness through the practices of psychology, meditation, aikido (martial arts), and yoga.
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Jeff is a direct student of Rama’s starting in 1982 and taught Rama-centric formal meditation classes for over ten years in Manhattan. He has also been teaching informally for an additional ten years, including in the last couple of years in Arizona. His special focus is going quite deeply into higher awareness fields through meditation and accessing the kundalini energy safely.
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Author of the award-winning biography, American Buddhist Rebel: The Story of Rama – Dr. Frederick Lenz, Kali was a direct student of Rama’s for close to 17 years. She focuses on teaching meditation and carrying the message of empowerment of women.
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Kathryn is a passionate Life & Consciousness Coach, committed to partnering with her clients to reach their highest and happiest self. Having been a University Educator & Counselor, Psychotherapist, Entrepreneur, Corporate Management Consultant and student of an Enlightened being, she brings a sincere dedication to growing consciousness through teaching meditation and coaching leaders/seekers.
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